Microservices Summit 2020

The Phoenix Project, the simulation – Experiencing DevOps in a real life case

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Mittwoch, 29. November 2017
13:30 - 17:00
Friedrich Wilhelm

Many organization think about applying DevOps principles in their organization without knowing what DevOps is, what it requires from the employees, what value it will bring and how to start a DevOps journey. Others already started their journey but face some misunderstanding in the teams, some challenges how to change behavior or some problems with business awareness. For those organizations and many others, we now have “The Phoenix Project” based on the book by Gene Kim. This session will let you experience DevOps in a real case experience using a serious business simulation. It will also show you how simulations can help you to understand theory better and transfer it to day to day work environment faster. Adding simulations to your training programs will increase the Return on Investment and will solve your day to day problems quicker and better. This simulation is also part of the DevOps Master program of EXIN. It will help students develop the required competences to gain the DevOps Master certification, which conforms to the internationally recognized European e-Competence Framework.

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